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Which Juicing Machines Are The Safest Investments?


If you have been looking to buy a juicer recently then you may have noticed just how expensive they can be. You really don’t want a cheap juice extractor because ideally you need something that will give you a good experience. That leaves a host of machines that can range anywhere between $150 and $400, and up. This is a heavy price to pay for most so you want to make sure that you are getting a juicer that you will enjoy using every day in your own kitchen. Here is a brief list of some of the more dependable juicing appliances that will give you excellent performance, are highly rated by owners, and will help you get a hassle free glass of juice to improve your daily nutrition.

The Winners

These are our top 5 choices for the best juicers worth considering. We came up with this list by relying on the juicer reviews from VeggieFiles.com as well as our own hands on experience with some of these models. You cannot go wrong with any of these juicing machines so as they all would make excellent additions to anyone’s kitchen.

Omega 8006

This is like that old reliable lawn mower that your grandfather would never get rid of because it simply worked. This masticating juicer has been around for years and it still continues to be one of the more popular choices for folks looking for something that just gets the job done. It is fantastic with leafy greens, something that most people who start juicing want, and it is extremely versatile as well. It can make peanut butter, baby food, and even salsa. To top it off, it comes with a 15 year warranty. This is an extremely safe bet for anyone who may be wary about investing in a new juicing machine.

Breville 800JEXL

Even though this currently costs around $300, it still is one of the most popular centrifugal juicing machines on the market. Breville has a great reputation in the kitchen for making solid small appliances. The 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite is made of all stainless steel and it will sit firmly on your counter as it churns through the hardest fruits and vegetables. This juicer is both powerful and exceptionally fast. This is ideal for people who need to get their juicing done in a jiffy. It is easy to clean and is a blast to use every day. It also gets some top notch ratings from owners.

Omega NC800

Omega is not done on our list as this is one of their newer masticating juicers. It has all of the features of the 8006 but it added some improvements to make your juicing experience that much better. A wider feed chute is one of those features that will further reduce your juicing time. Bigger sized pieces can be fed into the chute which means you can spend less time with the knife in your hands. This does a fabulous job with veggies such as kale, cabbage, and spinach. It also offers the same versatility as its older cousin. It is more expensive than the 8006 but it is still a winner that will give you tremendous value while juicing. It is efficient and produces a very high quality juice.

Tribest SlowStar

This juicer is quiet, but its bright red color also makes a loud statement. This is one of our favorite machines to juice with in the morning. Its upright design also helps us save on space as we have a crowded kitchen counter. It juice greens very well. It comes with a mincing attachment but we have yet to give it a try, but is nice to have some added use with this machine if we ever need it. For a juicer, the SlowStar has some pizazz that we really appreciate. It is not cheap, but this was one of our better purchases of the new year. It also comes with a 10 year warranty that should take some of the fear out of shelling out so much money up front.

Breville JE98XL

This model is the perfect mid-range juicer that will give you superb performance without all of the fancy features that you may not even need. It has a plastic housing instead of the higher end stainless steel, but what it lacks in appearance it makes up for in how well it juices. This is also another fast unit that will have you enjoying a fresh swig of juice in no time. At around $150, this is the least expensive machine on our list. It does well with a variety of different produce, but it does not handle leafy greens exceptionally well. For these types of food a masticating juice extractor is recommended. While Breville juicers typically come with only a 1 year limited warranty, they have a track record of being dependable.

Your Nutrition Is Worth The Investment

It may seem like a lot of money, but getting a juicer can have a profound impact on your diet and your health. It is a lot easier to drink the amount of fruits and veggies that you should be getting. The convenience of getting easy to absorb vitamins and minerals from fresh juice is something that can benefit the way that you look and feel. Any of the models above will help you transform your diet and get you started in the right direction to a new and improved you.

Why The Britax Marathon Is A Perfect Addition To Your Family’s Back Seat


Convertible car seats offer parents the ability to buy just one seat for their children’s early years instead of buying separate seats for their different growth stages. This is a more economical approach to car seat buying and it is a big reason that these seats are so popular. For newborns, the seat faces the rear to deliver extra protection and give the proper head and neck support. As they get older the seat simply converts to face forward while still giving superior protection from side impacts and crash forces.

One of the better rated models available is the Britax Marathon. This company has a great reputation and gets very high ratings from parents. This model is usually high up on the list of convertible child safety seat reviews as being one of the better performing options for families. Since we have upgraded our current car seat to this version of the Marathon we thought we would give a brief rundown on some of what we like and don’t like about it.


  • The Clicktight Installation system is one of the easiest and simplest of safety systems.
  • Safecell impact system that makes use of the V-tether, a steel frame, and an energy-absorbent base offers the best protection for your baby during an impact.
  • The energy absorbent foam-lined shell provides some of the most sturdy side impact protection of any seat.
  • The 12-position harness and the quick adjust 2-position buckle makes for a more secure fit for children of different ages, while making it easy to install.
  • Comes with seven recline positions which would come in handy for maximum child comfort, particularly on those long rides.

What Parents Like About This Seat

  • The ease of installation through the ClickTight installation system makes for safe and robust installation that will give you peace of mind whenever you buckle up your child
  • One of the key pillars of the Safecell system is the steel frame. The Britax Marathon is one of the few seats in the market that has a steel frame making it very strong and resistant to buckling during a crash.
  • The energy-absorbent base and V-tether significantly reduces movement during a crash, thus reducing risks of child injury through excessive movement.
  • The adjustable position harness and buckle make it easy for you to adjust the car seat in line with your baby’s growth.
  • The Britax Marathon car seat has a one-year warranty for peace of mind, but you will not likely need to use it, given that the seat is designed to last for years.
  • The seat has proprietary staged release switches that prevent the total collapse of the seat by distributing pressure gradually in the instance of a crash, thus reducing child movement.
  • When compared to other models in its price range, the price of the Britax Marathon is just right given that it is a quite durable and safe car seat.
  • The different settings make this a car seat suitable for first-time parents and for long time parents, given its ease of maintenance and installation.
  • The foam padding, plush fabrics, and removable body pillow offers exquisite comfort for your baby.
  • Coming with an angle level indicator and easy buckle system, it is easy for the parent to install the seat correctly for better comfort and protection of the child even if they are first-time parents

Some Issues

  • One of the downsides of the seat that has come to light through client reviews is that, the dial on the Britax Clicktight may be too difficult to turn for some.
  • Being quite a large seat given the steel frame and all, removing it when you need to install it into another car or to clean it may be a pain.
  • Some parents assert that they found the shoulder straps too difficult to tighten.

Final Thoughts

Even as some parents have said that they have problems with the installation, I still believe that these issues may be due to not correctly reading the installation manual. I must acknowledge though that some car seats may come from the manufacturer with defects, and hence if you believe yours is not performing as expected, you need to exercise the one-year warranty on offer. As for the car seat being a little bit on the bulky side, I have found that parents with such issues have smaller cars that may not be appropriate for this type of car seat.

Overall, the Britax Marathon convertible car seat has many positive reviews on both the manufacturer website, on Amazon, other reviews sites and parenting forums. One parent said that, while the car seat is not perfect, the fact that it is made like a tank more than makes up for its flaws. With a fair price relative to other car seats, safety through the SafeCell technology and ease of installation by the ClickTight System, this is one car seat worthy of a closer look for parents in the market.

The Top 3 Reasons Your Kitchen Needs A Toaster Oven


Cooking for your family can be an extremely rewarding experience, especially if you are concerned about how healthy they eat. It can also be a time consuming experience as the amount of time needed for food prep as well as cooking time can really add up. This is where using the right appliances can be rather beneficial. For food prep, we always recommend a food processor, which we will get into later. For reducing your cook times you should be using a toaster oven. The modern countertop oven are extremely efficient alternatives to a standard sized oven and you might be surprised with everything that you can do with one of these. We are currently in the market for a newer model as we nearly wore our our 10 year old toaster oven. We have been going over the best rated ovens on Gouverneur Times and were truly amazed at what today’s ovens have to offer.

If you haven’t been paying attention and think that a toaster oven is good only for making toast then this is for you. You can really elevate your dishes and reduce the time and effort you spend in the kitchen making your favorite meals for your loved ones. Below are the top 3 reasons you should definitely think about making the switch.

#1 – Saving Precious Time

Time is a valuable commodity for most of us. After a hard day at work, the last thing we want to do is spend hours in the kitchen. So why not find something that can really speed things up? Modern countertop ovens have a host of cooking technology packed into them that can significantly reduce cook times. Standard toaster ovens have heating elements that can automatically adjust the time and temp to take the guess work out of the equation. If you get one with a convection cooking feature your can further reduce the time you wait to get things done. Convection cooking circulates hot air with the help of a fan. The air movement penetrates the food and makes sure everything is done evenly on all sides. This feature alone can cut your cooking time by almost 25%. You will have to adjust your recipes, but it is well worth the effort.

#2 – Save Money

The next best thing to saving time is saving money. With smaller interiors, your oven will have to work less to get everything up to the correct temperature. There are some ovens that also do not require any preheating whatsoever. With reduced cooking times, and no need to preheat, you will end up saving on your energy bill. While this is a by-product of using your oven, it is a nice bonus. Toaster ovens are also quite affordable when you compare them to the price of getting a newer conventional sized ovens. Depending on the options and cooking features you are looking for, a new toaster oven can run between $50 and $250. Even the more expensive models will provide you with an excellent value.

#3 – Easy To Clean

Clean up is always the least fun task in the kitchen and it is the last thing you want to do after cooking and eating. But most of today’s toaster oven’s are designed to be simple to clean. With non-stick interior coatings, crumb trays, and stainless steel surfaces, an easy wipe down with a damp cloth is usually all that is needed. Even if you have an exploding disaster inside of your oven, it should come up without breaking your back.

Top Name Brands

There are several models that can help you transform the way that you cook that cover all types of budgets, but there a few that really stand out.


High-tech ovens are what this company produces. They look like something you would see in a restaurant and they are real head turners. With an LCD display screen, stainless steel housing, and advanced cooking technology, these are the top of the line options for those who can afford it. They can do just about anything that your standard oven can accomplish, and their top models also come with a convection feature.


Everyone who cooks knows the Cuisinart name and their toaster ovens live up to their reputation. Their line of ovens cover the gambit of budget needs from standard to ones that rival Breville models. You really cannot go wrong getting one of these countertop ovens. They are extremely dependable and very highly rated by owners.

Oster and Hamilton Beach

If you are on a tight budget, then getting an oven from one of these two makers is a good option. They are simple to use, don’t come with a lot of bells and whistles, and just get the job done. They will give you a great experience and save you money doing it.

Make The Jump

Don’t be confused by the “toaster” moniker, toaster ovens are full featured appliances that will help you prepare anything from frozen pizza to your grandmother’s casserole. What they may lack in size, they make up for in functionality. Do yourself a favor and get one of these for your kitchen counter. You will not be sorry.