Why The Britax Marathon Is A Perfect Addition To Your Family’s Back Seat


Convertible car seats offer parents the ability to buy just one seat for their children’s early years instead of buying separate seats for their different growth stages. This is a more economical approach to car seat buying and it is a big reason that these seats are so popular. For newborns, the seat faces the rear to deliver extra protection and give the proper head and neck support. As they get older the seat simply converts to face forward while still giving superior protection from side impacts and crash forces.

One of the better rated models available is the Britax Marathon. This company has a great reputation and gets very high ratings from parents. This model is usually high up on the list of convertible child safety seat reviews as being one of the better performing options for families. Since we have upgraded our current car seat to this version of the Marathon we thought we would give a brief rundown on some of what we like and don’t like about it.


  • The Clicktight Installation system is one of the easiest and simplest of safety systems.
  • Safecell impact system that makes use of the V-tether, a steel frame, and an energy-absorbent base offers the best protection for your baby during an impact.
  • The energy absorbent foam-lined shell provides some of the most sturdy side impact protection of any seat.
  • The 12-position harness and the quick adjust 2-position buckle makes for a more secure fit for children of different ages, while making it easy to install.
  • Comes with seven recline positions which would come in handy for maximum child comfort, particularly on those long rides.

What Parents Like About This Seat

  • The ease of installation through the ClickTight installation system makes for safe and robust installation that will give you peace of mind whenever you buckle up your child
  • One of the key pillars of the Safecell system is the steel frame. The Britax Marathon is one of the few seats in the market that has a steel frame making it very strong and resistant to buckling during a crash.
  • The energy-absorbent base and V-tether significantly reduces movement during a crash, thus reducing risks of child injury through excessive movement.
  • The adjustable position harness and buckle make it easy for you to adjust the car seat in line with your baby’s growth.
  • The Britax Marathon car seat has a one-year warranty for peace of mind, but you will not likely need to use it, given that the seat is designed to last for years.
  • The seat has proprietary staged release switches that prevent the total collapse of the seat by distributing pressure gradually in the instance of a crash, thus reducing child movement.
  • When compared to other models in its price range, the price of the Britax Marathon is just right given that it is a quite durable and safe car seat.
  • The different settings make this a car seat suitable for first-time parents and for long time parents, given its ease of maintenance and installation.
  • The foam padding, plush fabrics, and removable body pillow offers exquisite comfort for your baby.
  • Coming with an angle level indicator and easy buckle system, it is easy for the parent to install the seat correctly for better comfort and protection of the child even if they are first-time parents

Some Issues

  • One of the downsides of the seat that has come to light through client reviews is that, the dial on the Britax Clicktight may be too difficult to turn for some.
  • Being quite a large seat given the steel frame and all, removing it when you need to install it into another car or to clean it may be a pain.
  • Some parents assert that they found the shoulder straps too difficult to tighten.

Final Thoughts

Even as some parents have said that they have problems with the installation, I still believe that these issues may be due to not correctly reading the installation manual. I must acknowledge though that some car seats may come from the manufacturer with defects, and hence if you believe yours is not performing as expected, you need to exercise the one-year warranty on offer. As for the car seat being a little bit on the bulky side, I have found that parents with such issues have smaller cars that may not be appropriate for this type of car seat.

Overall, the Britax Marathon convertible car seat has many positive reviews on both the manufacturer website, on Amazon, other reviews sites and parenting forums. One parent said that, while the car seat is not perfect, the fact that it is made like a tank more than makes up for its flaws. With a fair price relative to other car seats, safety through the SafeCell technology and ease of installation by the ClickTight System, this is one car seat worthy of a closer look for parents in the market.