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Why You Should Make A Banana Your Go To Snack Food


Bananas are some of the most widely eaten fruits in the world, as well as some of the most readily recognized due to their distinctive shape and bright colors which, added to benefits of bananas, makes them a household stable. They are nutritious and readily eaten raw, and are mostly composed of sugars, such as sucrose, fructose, and glucose, in addition to fiber. They are also a great source of potassium. As a result, they are among the best choices for a source of energy that gives both immediate boost and more prolonged boosts. There are some additional benefits to bananas that have been discovered in recent years that may result in a higher quality of life for people of all ages and backgrounds. The mindful consumption of bananas helps people live healthier and more active lives through taking advantage of the energy and health benefits bananas can provide.

Health Benefits of Bananas

Eating bananas is a great way to promote healthy bones in both children and adults. There are many reports of the dangers of osteoporosis in older adults, particularly women who are past menopause, and there are a variety of prescription medications marketed to such people, but they are not effective in all cases. Similarly, for those in their formative years, there are numerous reports every year detailing the importance of building strong bones in children, whose skeletons are still in the developmental stage.

Bananas are among the rare fruits that can lead to increased bone strength in people both young and old. This is because they contain fructose oligosaccharide, which is a compound that feeds certain bacteria in the colon known as probiotics, or bacteria that contribute to our health. These healthy bacteria live in the gut and make enzymes that help us to digest food more rapidly and efficiently.

Probiotic bacteria are good because they also help to crowd out bacteria that are pathogenic, or damaging to human help. Because of the high amounts of fructose oligosaccharides found in bananas, the good bacteria can increase in their functionality as well as in their number, which leads to an increase in the ability of the body to take in calcium.

Similarly, bananas that are green also contain short-chain fatty acids, which are not digestible in the body. These short chain fatty acids, however, are helpful in that they are taken up by the cells that make up the stomach lining, which is called the mucosa. When these cells are healthy, they are then able to do a much better job of absorbing calcium into the body. Calcium, of course, is one of the building blocks of bones in both young, and the old, and a body rich in calcium will be a body with stronger bones that are less prone to fractures or decay.

Healthy Kidneys

Strong bone is an essential part of a healthy life, but these are not the only advantages that bananas confer to people who eat them regularly. The kidneys are another essential part of the body that are positively impacted by regular banana consumption. Although people have two kidneys, the truth is that whenever one becomes damaged due to injury or unhealthy lifestyle habits such as excessive drinking, smoking, or weight gain, the other kidney will be affected too since they are part of the same blood supply and body.

Blood Pressure

Beyond building strong bones and healthy kidneys, bananas also have positive effects on blood pressure. pressure in blood is one of the risk factors and indicators for heart disease today, and heart diseases are the single greatest killer of adults throughout the country today in the United States and throughout many other Western societies. Therefore, any measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of heart disease are worth looking into, and one of the most effective ways to lower a person’s risk of heart disease is to lower his or her blood pressure.

In fact, bananas have been proven to be so effective in reducing high levels of blood pressure that the Food and Drug Administration in the United States recently indicated that the banana industry could legally post official claims that the banana was capable of reducing the risks of stroke and blood pressure in adults. This is high praise, and consuming a banana a day is far cheaper than consuming expensive heart medication down the line. It is evident that this cheap fruit could improve many aspects of life, and the benefits of bananas can and should be enjoyed regularly.

Incorporating Them Into Your Diet

Peeling back a banana and eating it out of the skin is perhaps the easiest way to take advantage of this fruit, but where is the fun in that? Perhaps the most indulgent way to make yourself an ice cream sundae, but that is not really all that good for you, sot it is important to be creative. You can add bananas to a host of different dishes as they make a somewhat sweet topping. A lot of folks love to eat them with their morning cereal, while others like to fry them.

In the middle of this summer heat it can be quite refreshing to put your bananas in the freezer for a few minutes until they get somewhat hard. For an added bonus to anyone who happens to own an Omega juicing machine, you can extrude a frozen banana and make your own dessert. This process will add air into the banana and give you a wonderfully light and fluffy all natural dessert that has the consistency of ice cream. You can watch a demonstration below.

There are many ways to enjoy this power fruit and there is no excuse to not buy more of these. Your health will thank you for it.

The Beautiful Benefits Of Berries


Juicing is one of the best ways to increase the quality of your diet while harnessing the power of fresh fruits and vegetables for a refreshing and invigorating juice to beat the heat. There are a wide variety of different types of foods that can really elevate your juice recipes, but nothing compares to the wide variety of berries. They are some of the most beneficial fruits available and they can have a wide ranging positive impact on your health.

Potential Benefits

Numerous studies have been conducted and what has emerged is that berries play a significant role as antioxidants in our bodies. By getting rid of the free oxygen radicals in our bodies, berries slow the extent of cell damage and by extension the rate of aging. Apart from their antioxidant properties some of the other benefits of berries include:

  • Maintain healthy vision
  • Reduce chances of developing Parkinson’s disease
  • Protect against the sun’s Ultra Violet rays
  • Boost Bone density and
  • Play a role in weight control

Including berries in your diet more often than not goes a long way in the bid to keep healthy and prevent lifestyle diseases.


Raspberries are known to have ketones. The benefits of ketones on our bodies mostly incline towards weight control and reduced overall body fat. It is important to note that the primary focus is usually in controlling belly fat, which contributes significantly to most of the diseases that we know. For this reason, raspberries are fundamental in the prevention of heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers that are associated with obesity.


More often than not most of us enjoy some nice cranberry juice and we might not be aware of the total benefits of this fruit. The gain from naturally blended juice goes beyond satisfying your taste buds. Over the years, cranberries have been said to be effective in treatment and prevention of Urinary Tract Infections. In the ancient times, they placed a role in the treatment of diarrhea, liver disease, and diabetes. In addition to these, cranberries have a role in facilitating wound healing. Most recent research has brought to light the fact that cranberries are also effective in the prevention of cancers, stroke, and viral infections.


The main nutritional value of blueberries is phytonutrients, which have great antioxidant properties. Blueberries, as anti-oxidants, reduce cell damage and reduce the risk of heart disease, cataracts, hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Interestingly Blueberries reduce the probability of having peptic ulcer disease. As an anti-aging agent, blueberry is also useful.


These are the most readily available and common types of berries worldwide. One of the distinctive features about strawberries is the fact that they contain some ions, minerals, and vitamins. Phenols are the main component of strawberries and in addition to this, Vitamin K and C, Magnesium, Copper, Iodine, and Folate are also found in strawberries. Because of the availability of these ions, Strawberries are known to improve brain function and its adaptability to cell damage. On the other hand, strawberries also participate in the regulation of blood sugars. For the diabetics, the aspect of blood sugar control is an added advantage.


There are rising incidences of Colon cancer globally due to bad eating habits. The usefulness of blackberries as preventive measures against the development of colon cancer and tumors of the oral cavity have been established. Blackberries contain Vitamin C and E. Vitamin C in particular is important to prevent bleeding gums. One of the most remarkable benefits of blackberries is the fact that it has high fiber content, and it also contributes to reducing the amounts of Low-Density Cholesterol in the body. Vitamin E also plays a role in red blood cell formation in the body. This advantage tops up the list of benefits of Blackberries.

Goji Berries

In the ancient times, these berries were attributed to happiness and longevity of life. Extensive research has shown that these berries are the richest in 18 essential amino acids, 21 trace elements, Vitamin B1, B2, B6, E and linoleic acid. To the surprise of many, it also contains more Beta Carotene than carrots. Goji berries not only enhance the response to cancer treatment, but they also improve nerve function and red cell formation because of the presence of Vitamin B6. These types of berries have been the new craze recently and have received a lot of press about their possible advantages, but research may give credence to all the latest hype.

These are just some of the more popular and readily available options that most people have in their local grocery market. Including these in your diet on a regular basis can really have a profound effect on your long term health. If you are looking for ways to improve your diet, need something different to try in your juicer, or just want to feel a little better, consuming more berries can really help. Even if you do not have access to fresh varieties, frozen berries will also provide you with that much needed kick. Shake up your diet and do your body a favor and try your hand at some of the most power packed fruits on the planet. You just might be pleasantly surprised.